Employee Engagement Program


Employee engagement takes place when people at work are interested in and positive, even excited about their jobs and are prepared to go the extra mile to get them done to the best of their ability. They need to understand the job and role rationally where it fits in the wider organization, and how it aligns with the business objectives. Organizations also need to know how people feel about the organization emotionally, whether their work gives them a sense of personal accomplishment and how they relate to their manager.

We provide people with opportunities to contribute which is not just a matter of setting up formal consultative processes, although that could be important. It is also about creating a work environment that gives people a voice by encouraging them to have their say, and emphasizes as a core value of the organization that management at all levels must be prepared to listen and respond to any contributions their people make.


Commitment is the attachment and loyalty. We can help create commitment through initiatives to increase involvement and ownership, communication, leadership development, developing a sense of excitement in the job and developing various HR policies and practice initiatives.

We will provide advice and guidance on communicating corporate values, building trust, making commitment a two-way process, developing a positive psychological contract, the development of partnership agreements, single status and increased employment security, and the use of performance management to align individual and organizational goals.


High performance is achieved by well-motivated people who are prepared to exercise discretionary effort. Motivation strategies aim to create a working environment and to develop policies and practices that will provide for higher levels of performance from employees. They include the development of total reward systems and performance management processes, the design of intrinsically motivating jobs and leadership development programs.

We have experience in encouraging the development of performance management processes which provide opportunities to agree expectations and give positive feedback on accomplishments. Together with a reward system which provides opportunities for both financial and non-financial rewards to recognize achievements. We advised on processes for the design of jobs; provide facilities and opportunities for learning through means as personal development planning processes as well as more formal training with career planning processes. We devise competence frameworks which focus on leadership qualities and the behavior expected of managers and team leaders.