Our Services

The Lloyd Karson difference is our ability to access a diverse talent pool for our clients in order to help them identify and retain the best talent in the market.


Executive Search

Lloyd Karson senior management personnel's visit to look for business aimed at assisting clients to recruit senior management personnel. Whether is to strengthen the senior management team, the strength of multinational corporations, or to help start-up companies to create its management team, we have a variety of different ways to communicate with customers, the purpose is to ensure that client companies in the long established between the leadership and daily operation of the appropriate relationship.

In the past 10 years, we have a partner and senior adviser to the success of customers in different sectors for the recruitment of dozens of corporate president, vice president, and our experienced consultants all have business leaders search for nearly a decade of experience, through the candidates for leadership, overall point of view, personal qualities and so on deeper inspection, to ensure that we provide customers with the right best. At the same time we are very pleased to work with back-up candidates of their career planning and other aspects of deep-level communication.

In addition to our traditional services for multinational businesses, our key strengths is to fully take into account the needs of development of Chinese enterprises for their introduction of the latest international standards for corporate management to form a special competitive advantage and be able to attract successful people to join the private enterprises and state-owned enterprises.

General Recruitment

Lloyd Karson general recruitment team be able to recruit high-volume needs of enterprises, jobs are distributed widely, the project time is pressing and the recruitment of staff shortages within the enterprise case, the maximum guaranteed within the specified time to recruit suitable candidates, the completion of your recruitment. Since 2006, the establishment of Lloyd Karson general recruitment team, we have been successfully recruited to the distribution of many enterprises in Asia Pacific across candidates.

• The effective integration of resources, reduce costs, improve resource utilization
• The recruitment process for the effective implementation, tracking, assessment, and professional market feedback
• The overall service success rate of 70%. "To ensure that client interests policy" to ensure the quality of service