Employee Well-being Program & Counseling Service

Employee Well-being

Well-being at work exists when people are happy with their lot – what they do, how they are treated, how they get on with others. The work environment consists of the work system, the job design, working conditions and the ways in which people are treated at work by their managers and coworkers.

Examples that organizations can do for the employees:

  • Work-life balance program
  • Stress management program
  • Protection of Sexual Harassment
  • Dealing with Bullying

Health & Safety Policies & Programs

It is concerned with protecting employees and other people affected by what the company produces and does and against the hazards arising from their employment or their links with the company. Safety programs deal with the prevention of accidents and with minimizing the resulting loss and damage to people and property. Occupational health programs deal with the prevention of ill-health arising from working conditions.