KPI Setting / Performance & Reward Management

Organizations are in the business of achieving sustained high performance.

Performance Management

The overall objective of performance management is to develop the capacity of people to meet and exceed expectations and to achieve their full potential to the benefit of themselves and the organization. It provides the basis for self-development but importantly, it is also about ensuring that the support and guidance people need to develop and improve is readily available.

Performance management is a planned process of which the five primary elements are agreement, measurement, feedback, positive reinforcement and dialogue. The inputs are the knowledge, skills and behaviors required to produce the expected results. It is continuous and flexible process that involves managers and those whom they manage acting as partners within a framework that sets out how they can best work together to achieve the required results.

We have experience in launching different solutions of performance management depends on the suitability of the organizations, which includes High-Performance Work System, 360 degree Feedback System, KPI, Competency-based framework and appraisal system etc. We also provide services from Job analysis, description, role profile and competency modeling etc.

Reward Management

Our reward management service consists of a number of interrelated processes and activities which combine to ensure that reward management is carried out effectively to the benefit of the organization and the people who work there:

  • Reward Strategy
  • Reward Policies
  • Total Reward
  • Total Remuneration
  • Base or basic pay
  • Job Evaluation
  • Market rate analysis
  • Grade and pay structures
  • Contingent pay
  • Employee benefits
  • Performance management
  • Non-financial rewards

Transparency is important. Employees need to know how reward policies will affect them and how pay and grading decisions have been made. We can do all communication packages for you collectively and individually as well as workshop and training for all levels of users.