Outsource Transactions & Operations

Outsource Transactional services

We provide transactional services, which covers the main HR service delivery activities of resourcing, local employment contracts, compensation and benefit handling (incl. payroll), learning and development, reward and employee relations as well as policies or procedures as documentations etc. The package of service depends on the size, needs and rationales of the organizations. We will provide local expertise to plan and implement the best service to the organization.

Retainer for HR One-stop Service

Our role is to take initiatives and provide guidance, support and service on all matters relating to the organization’s employees. Essentially, this HR function is in the delivery business – providing the advice and services that enable organizations to get things done through people.

Our function ensures that HR strategies, policies and practices are introduced and maintained that cater for everything concerning the employment, development and well-being of people and the relationships that exist between management and the workforce. This plays a critical part in the creation of an environment that enables people to make the best use of their capacities to realize their potential to the benefit of both the organization and the employees themselves and, by improving the quality of working life, to achieve satisfaction through the work.